Welcome to Kukri Events! We’re really excited about our latest big adventure…here’s the story of how it all came about.

Here at Kukri, we’ve always been passionate about adventures, and inspired by giving people – from all walks of life – the chance to achieve their potential and do something amazing. Not content with supplying great kit for over 76 different sports with thousands of teams worldwide, we wanted to take our adventure to the next level. With that in mind, we teamed up with Crispin and his team, who have over 10 years experience of organising fantastic, life-changing adventures, to set up Kukri Events. Having ditched a job in Sales to embark on his own adventure, Crispin is walking proof that if you take the leap of faith, it can be the start of something amazing!

Together, our goal is simply to organise adventures for exciting people – we believe that everyone has it in them to do something extraordinary, and we’re here to help bring your adventures to life. Whichever experience you choose to undertake, we’re sure you’ll find something that brings out your inner adventurer – and we can assure you it will be unique, brilliantly organised and great fun!

So take a look around our website – give us a shout if you’ve any questions, or if you’d simply like to put forward an idea for an adventure – and we look forward to doing something amazing together very soon!

Team Kukri Events