We were overwhelmed by the fantastic entry videos we received for the Kukri Adventure Scholarship. Check out the videos for all our entries below, just click on the adventure title to open the video (video will open in new window):

Pacific Ocean Row 2013 – Also known as the Coxless Rowers, the Pacific Ocean Row will aim to set 5 world records, setting off from California and ending up in Cairns, Australia covering over 7000 nautical miles along the way.

Swimming John O’Groats to Lands End – Sean Conway – Sean is aiming to become the first person to swim the entire length of Britain, with his 1000 miles route starting in Lands End and ending up at John O’Groats 2 months later!

NY2SY: Solo North Atlantic Row – From New York to Stornoway, this solo row will take around 3 months to complete. No one has ever attempted this unique and historic 3400 mile journey.

Going Solo Adventures – A 6000km expedition to sea kayak the coastline of the Baltic Sea from Norway to Denmark, via Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Germany!

Super Cycling Man Cycles the World – The next stage of Super Cycling Man’s journey will start in July with a 3000 mile trip from Turkey to Turkmenistan. A teacher  by day, Super Cycling Man will have cycled around the world by 2018.

Take a Challenge with Sophie – This adventure seeks to create an adventure community to help people kick-start their own adventures, and take part in organised adventures. The first one being a 24 hour London to Paris bike ride.

Adventure2013 – Over 50 crew members will make the journey from the UK to the Antarctic Peninsula and back. Planned since 2010, the crew ranges in age from 22 to 70!

The Mississippi Challenge – An epic journey starting in June 2013 down the Mississippi River from source to sea, taking in over 2400 miles, and taking 2-3 months.

Closer than you think – With the aim to prove that Africa is ‘closer than you think’, this team of 3 graduating medical students will aim to cycle the 1500 miles to Africa, self supported, in under 15 days.

Bangkok2Birmingham: The Local Way – Travelling from Bangkok to Birmingham using only local (non-tourist) forms of transport, and staying with local people on the way, this 7 month journey will raise awareness about sustainability issues along the way.

The Big Five-O – Cycling an average of 60 miles each day, this lone cycle will travel through the 50 states of the USA, take seven months and cover over 13,000 miles.

Rockall Solo – A unique endurance expedition which will attempt to break two new endurance records by seeing Nick land on Rockall for the a second time, and survive solo there for 60 days. Rockall is a small, uninhabited remote islet in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Expedition Norway – A crossing from the North Coast to the South Cost of Norway, travelling over 1000km and travelling by Bike, Foot and Packraft.

Worldride2013 – A world cycle taking 6 months and travelling over 18,000 miles, the journey will start from London and then go through Europe, Iran, South Africa, India, China, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and America.

Inspirational Friends Row the Atlantic – A 2-3 month Atlantic Row which was inspired by the death of a close friend, these adventurers will take on the 3000 mile Atlantic Rowing Race 2013.

Should we quit our jobs? – This husband and wife team will cycle around the world from the UK to Australia, and then back home across America, over a period of 12 months.

Brophy’s Big Adventure – A year long expedition split into three legs which will start with a solo swim in the English Chanel from Dover to Calais, a cycle from Calais to Paris, and then a mountain climb.

World Rickshaw Taxi – An unsual way of travelling, the base route for the World Rickshaw Taxi stands at around 16,000 miles, travelling 30-35 miles per day, using a Rickshaw to encourage participation and adventure!

The Winter Ride – Anchorage to Seattle 2013 – Leaving Anchorage (Alaska) in Mid-Feburary, this near 4000km cycle will go through the Alaskan and Canadian Winter to Seattle.

One Steppe Ahead – Nearly a century after Sir Charles Howard-Bury first stepped out of his door to uncover Central Asia, this 15,000km journey will retrace the footsteps of Howard-Bury, starting in Xinjiang Province, China.

Row the Danube: H2Row – A row of over 3200km, starting from the highest navigable point on the Danube (Ulm in the Black Forest, Germany) down to the Black Sea Delta and continuing south through the Black Sea to finish in Istanbul.

RAAM, Antarctica & World in 80 days – A three stage expedition, starting with a 12 day Race Across America and culminating with an attempt to cycle around the world in just 80 days, this adventure will in total take a year to complete.

Kasim & Kyles Kiwi Adventure – Traversing from South to North of the Fiordland National Park, New Zealand’s largest national park, this adventure will explore some of the remotest areas of a park over 1.2 million hectares in size and containing mountain, lake and rainforest environments.

Ness Knight: A Big British Adventure – A 1500 mile endurance triathlon, taking place solely in Britian, and containing a 215 mile Thames River swim, a 1000 mile cycle from Lands End to John O’Groats, and a 312 mile run.

‘The Road to Mandalay’ Irrawaddy River Kayak Expedition – This 60-day adventure will descend the entire length of the Irrawaddy River in Burma. Starting at an altitude of 2500m, they’ll start with 20 days of white water kayaking, before a 2000km kayak descent to the Indian Ocean.

Kayak Borneo Project – A rolling expedition which will take 3 months, starting with a long motorised canoe trip and then a 4 day walk through dense jungle, the adventurers will undertake research and share the beauty of Borneo.