Kinabalu Challenge

30th Nov – 6th Dec 2013

The Kinabalu Challenge is a one week, multi challenge adventure race set in the jungles of Borneo.

After a day and a half of training you will be helecoptered into the jungle and from there you will trek, mountain bike, run, kayak, white water raft and finally climb Mt Kinabalu (4,100m) the highest mountain in South East Asia, ending up sitting on the summit and watching dawn break over the jungle!

As you can see this is an incredible adventure and the best news is…you can do it! The Kinabalu Challenge is in its 10th year because it appeals to so many people:

  • You don’t need to sign up as a team, half the challenge is made up of individuals who we put into teams
  • You don’t need to be super fit, but of course the fitter you are the easier you will find it!
  • You don’t need to even have been camping before to enjoy this adventure

We have had competitors from 18 to 65 taking part, from an ultra marathon winner to a retired grandmother (click here to hear what they had to say).

Don’t think it’s easy though. You will be racing in 35 degrees and 90% humidity so you do need to be committed and to do some serious training before the challenge. The fitter you are the better you will be able to compete and the more you will enjoy it. But we can guarantee you will have the time of your lives and return home inspired to take on the next challenge!