The Kinabalu Challenge is made up of anything up to 15 teams, with 4 people in each team. Teams can be mixed or single gender the main thing is that all team members are of a similar fitness ability.

Teams are normally made up of a few different types on each challenge:

Corporate Teams

Some people choose to put a company teams together, they advertise on their intranet or arrange for one of us to come in to their office to give a 40 minute slide show presentation, if you would like more information on this please email Crispin.

Friends & Couples

Groups of 2, 3 or 4 friends or couple often make up teams. If you can’t make up a full team with your friends we can always find a like minded person to join your team.


Normally half the challenge is filled with individuals who can’t find any friends adventurous (or should we say mad!) enough to join them. Don’t worry if this is you, we will find a team for you to join.

If you have any questions about putting your team together just give us a call and we will be happy to talk it through with you.

Teams from China

If you are thinking of joining us from mainland China then we have a special link up with an ground breaking charity over there, Raleigh China will help you through the sign-up process and give you great advice on how to train for the challenge, in return you will fundraise for them to help with the amazing work they do with youth development, communities and environment conservation.

For more information please contact

Teams From Bermuda

Just as in China we have an exclusive link up with Raleigh Bermuda, Raleigh in Bermuda are doing some fantastic work with young people who have had a very tough start in life, you can be part of giving them a helping hand by taking part in the Kinabalu Challenge and raising money for this great cause. We have had two teams from Bermuda in the past and they have loved the challenge, one team even won so the bar is set high! If you would like to speak to some of these people or just find out more about the challenge then please email