Don’t just take our word for it!

Here are comments from some of the 500 people who have taken part in the challenge over the last 10 years…

Testimonial by Ian Ian Sharman“I loved this so much I did it twice in one year! I’m in good shape but I found the heat and humidity made it tougher than I expected. The event is well designed so all the teams no matter what their fitness levels are able to really push themselves” Ian Sharman – Feb & Nov ’07Ian is an 8-time Guinness World Record holder for various fancy dress marathons, including as Spiderman, Superman & Elvis in 2h42m! He is known to his friends for obvious reasons as The Sharmanator!
Testimonial by Pauline Pauline Edge“Sixty years old on the 17th November and flown in to the jungle by helicopter on 23rd! That was what attracted me to the Kinabalu challenge. What I got out of those 8 days in Borneo was worth every minute I had spent during the months leading up to November when I was struggling with injury, worrying about whether I was too old, not fit enough or just plain stupid! I had an amazing time, yes it was the hardest 8 days of my life, at times I struggled and needed the support of the teams but I would recommend the challenge to anyone who; at whatever age who knows what they are capable of, is reasonably fit and is a team player. I would do it all (even the mountain at 2 in the morning) again tomorrow!!” Pauline Edge – Nov ’09Pauline is 60, a Mother, an NHS worker and without doubt a Legend!
Testimonial by JWT JWT – Advertising Agency“JWT have taken part in the Kinabalu Challenge for the past ten years. Even given the difficult economic times, the company understands that it is a worth-while investment. Taking part in the challenge was one of the best things any of us have ever done – from the fundraising efforts to the challenge itself, it raised our profiles within the agency, pushed us beyond our boundaries and taught us what proper team work is. We would do it again in a heartbeat.” Bronwen, Angus, Panos & Hussain – Nov ’10JWT have raised over £130,000 for Raleigh International over the years of their involvement in the challenge. JWT don’t always put the fastest team into the challenge but they always put the funest! (Panos and Hussain were a double act that kept everyone going even in the really tough bits!)
Testimonial by Sarah Sarah Whetter“Being someone who likes a challenge, as soon as I found out about this crazy event I signed up without a further moments thought. And thank god I did! From running through rice paddy fields to building jungle ‘palaces’ in the torrential rain…rafting down beautiful rivers to mountain biking through knee-high bogs…and finally watching the most spectacular sunrise on earth at 6am from the moonscape of Kinabalu, this was the trip of a lifetime. And I met so many incredible and inspiring people who I will stay friends with forever. Tempted to repeat it all over again? Totally!” Sarah Whetter Feb ’11In her normal life Sarah is a hard working city girl, long blonde hair, nails done etc. but stick her in the jungle and she became a jungle warrior, couldn’t wipe the smile off her face!
Testimonial by David David Lockham “I spent several months deciding weather the Kinabalu Challenge was right for me, cost, would it be hard enough and would I fit in as I was going by myself. In the end I went and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made, loved every minute of it, made a score of new friends and realised while not the cheapest holiday it was excellent value.” David Lockham Feb ’11David is a straight talking northerner and was adored by every girl and liked by every man on the trip
Testimonial by Jason and kerry Jason & Kerry“Kerry and I signed up for the Kinabalu Challenge in November 2010 as a couple. Our week in Borneo was memorable and brilliant – we have been recommending the trip to our friends ever since. Where else could you scale a serious mountain in the morning, and be enjoying sunset cocktails at a 5star resort in the afternoon?The challenge itself is basically a series of once in a lifetime experiences. Running through the rice paddies, cycling great trails, white-water rafting. It’s very rock and roll being helicoptered deep into the jungle. Its also a really rewarding experience building your own camp site, cooking your own dinner, sleeping the night in a hammock, and then trekking downriver back to base in the morning.Crispin is one of the most enthusiastic and personable leaders you’re ever likely to meet. He spotted us as a competitive couple and he did a great job of pairing us up in a like-minded laugh-a-minute team. The organisation was absolutely seamless, and always accompanied by a beaming smile from the whole crew.

We highly recommend GLA to any couples looking for an adventure holiday in an exotic location. Without a doubt, this is the most fun you can have with your clothes on!”

Jason & Kerry have turned into adventure junkies since the challenge, they have competed in several adventure races in the UK and are about to do a half marathon in the Alps. They are heading back to New Zealand to support the Kiwis for the rugby world cup later this year, so they are as optimistic as ever! (Obviously I wrote this a long time before the Kiwi’s romped home with a well deserved victory! Doh!)