Personal Development

So how do we ‘develop’ young people?

Ask any of the Kukri staff leading your expedition if their adventure experiences have had an effect on them and you will hear a resounding – yes! They’ll share stories of treks, climbs and dives that have helped us become who we are.

Our adventures unearth new skills and qualities, build our self-esteem, open our eyes to how big the world is and help us respect the friends who venture alongside us. Sometimes our adventures prove we are that bit tougher than we thought and sometimes they prove that we were not quite as tough as we thought! Either way, these learning experiences are invaluable and at Kukri we don’t let our student teams waste those opportunities.

We guide students through a journey that taps into their experiences in Borneo to uncover the potential that lies within every individual. We do this by:

Giving you ownership of your expedition

Adventure teams will be involved in the planning of the expedition food, packing and equipment. Project teams will be involved in the equipment and materials logistics and maybe even the project design.

Developing leadership skills in young people

Each expedition has a different student day leader appointed who will work with the Expedition Leader to keep the team running smoothly. Your day as leader could see you time keeping, briefing the team, updating the Expedition Leader on the day’s progress or keeping an inventory at the work site. It will also help you develop invaluable skills for the future.

Sharing insights

Expedition Leaders use varying and fun techniques with the team to review performance within the team and how to improve the next day. Interactive sessions give everyone a voice to reflect on team progress.

Breaking the ice, bonding the team

Our stock of challenges, games and activities help teams bond in preparation for the expedition ahead. Our inventive and sometimes crazy games break inhibitions, build trust and comfort levels within the team. Some will test your strength, logic, brain power or competitive spirit – all of them will help you communicate, problem solve and work as a team. Our final night drumming finale is sure to be a big hit!

Taking you into the wild!

The very nature of our programmes is to challenge, educate and expand young people in unique environments. We have an excellent staff crew who want to show you how much you can do with a little encouragement. Providing young people with wild experiences in a safe environment develops confidence, independence and perspective of other cultures. Our aim is to encourage these experiences and helps students recognise their impact.

Making a big deal out of the small deals!

We recognise achievements. End of expeditions award ceremonies, evening ‘shout outs’ for good work and camp fire treats are all the little ways we commend people for their work that day. But it’s not about the fastest trek or the highest climb, recognising a fear overcome or a helpful supportive team mate is just as important!

Giving you feedback

Students will walk away with lasting memories of their trip. We encourage each student to record their learning experiences and the moments they are most proud of on a postcard with a pledge to themselves. We collect these in and post them out in 2 months time as a reminder of the goals they set themselves.

We can also arrange 1-1 feedback sessions between students and Expedition Leaders with a feedback report to help students in their future development.