Safe Expeditions

So how do we run the safest expeditions?

Prioritising – Safety is THE number one priority when we are designing, planning and delivering our expeditions. We will explain to you in writing what that entails for each of the activities you sign up to and will detail all the safety standards we comply to. Our leaders follow the Singapore Adventure Leader Training standards and our activities comply to standards such as International Rafting Federation and PADI.

Planning – Detailed risk assessments and casualty evacuation plans are prepared for all components of the programme. These are reviewed for each trip and the leaders are constantly reviewing the risk assessments throughout the expedition. We are tried and tested, all routes and activities have been assessed first by the staff team and since then we have delivered safe expeditions to numerous student and youth groups.

Staff – We believe that using top quality staff is a safety decision. Our staff are trained extremely well and also have years of experience. There will be an overall full-time leader complemented by local full-time trainers, and specialist guides as necessary. Our Expedition Leaders have extensive local and international experience of group management, risk assessments and leading outdoor activities. They ensure that our international safety standards and procedures are followed at all times. All guides are experienced and trained in basic first aid. They have handled numerous student and youth groups previously.

Safety procedures – At all times there is a safety vehicle available for the group. Communication is ensured at all times and we have systems in place for all casualty evacuation eventualities.

Medical – We have detailed knowledge of the hospital facilities in the area and have easy access to a local hospital and an excellent city hospital is only 45 minutes away. We carry first aid kits, collate medical and allergy information on all participants prior to the expeditions and have casualty evacuation plans in place for emergency.

Experience – Our expedition delivery company in Borneo has 15 years of experience. If we add up all the years of our staff’s experience, it adds up to 100’s of years of experience running expeditions all over the world – this is key to keeping an expedition safe.