Why Borneo?

Why Borneo?

Borneo is the third largest island in the world. Straddling the equator, Borneo is divided between Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. Sabah, Malaysia is the northern tip of the island which is rich in incredible diversity, natural beauty and friendly, fun loving people. Here are just some of the reasons why Sabah is the perfect destination for your educational expedition!

1. At 130 million years old – these are the oldest rainforests in the world. The jungle here has outstanding conservation areas while supporting environmental and scientific research.

2. Mount Kinabalu is the highest mountain in South East Asia standing at 4,100 metres high. It’s also the place of many fascinating legends and myths.

3. Orangutans. The forest of Borneo is one of only two places in the world that orangutans are indigenous to. There is also an incredible array of species and wildlife here such as the hornbill, clouded leopard, pygmy elephant, slow loris and proboscis monkey.

4. One of the world’s top dive sites. Dozens of legendary dive spots make Sabah the ideal place to see the world down below. Deep sea divers can see turtles, hammerhead sharks, lion fish and stingrays to name but a few.

5. Sabah culture. Borneo has a rich mixture of indigenous tribes with its own unique languages and traditions to learn about. Discover the legends of the headhunters, sleep in the longhouses of the Murut and dance the Sumazau with the Kadazan people.

6. Did you know that the Borneo rainforest is the oldest in the world? A staggering 361 animal and plant species have been discovered in Borneo since 1996, so you don’t get a better place to teach them about the environment and conservation.