Why Kukri Schools Expeditions?

Kukri Schools Expeditions are unique because we’re operated by experts who live and work in Borneo…apart from the Kukri Events MD, Crispin, who holds the fort in the UK!

We also have our own adventure center based in the Kiulu Valley. The Adventure Centre (better known as T.A.C) and is home to many of our activities. The facilities are excellent including spacious outdoor and indoor training areas, climbing and abseil walls with a beautiful riverside location and proximity to the forest which makes it ideal for expedition training. Groups can sleep in comfortable hammock style beds in pre-constructed long house style shelters along the riverside for a unique camp experience. With a stunning view of the jungle across the river, T.A.C is a green and calm base for our adventure programmes.

We have our own guides who have grown up a stone’s throw away from the jungle, international staff who have worked with highly acclaimed adventure and expedition organisations across the globe and an office full of tourism degree graduates. This makes for the perfect combination of home-grown skills, delivered with high class safety planning and a first-hand knowledge of the areas we operate in.

We believe in building the spirit of adventure in young people and that a school trip should be more than just a holiday. That’s why we use team building, leadership and confidence training in ALL our expeditions. Using facilitative techniques, review sessions, involving teams in the expedition planning process and using a ‘challenge by choice’ approach we encourage individuals to safely step out of their comfort zone, using adventures for a personal development experience that lasts long after the trip ends.