The Bangkok Singapore Cycle

11 – 25 January 2014


Bangkok to Singapore Cycle Map

This is going to be one of those life changing journeys. To cycle the South East Asian Peninsular is certainly one of the great cycle challenges the world has to offer.

You will start off in Thailand where you will be met at the airport by the support team, we will make our way to the hotel where we will grab a quick shower after the long flight and then we will get busy preparing the bikes, going through the safety rules and expedition briefing.

After a night in a hotel we will head off the next morning initially by bus to avoid the dangerous and congested traffic in central Bangkok, once outside the city limits we will start the cycle.

The challenge will involve 14 days of cycling an average of 85 miles a day, though we will have some shorter days to allow everyone a bit of a break and the chance to explore.

DSC_0335The support crew will be in vans which will be carrying all your kit and extra spares for the bike so you will be cycling ‘light’. The vans will also be able to carry some riders should they need a rest from the cycling for whatever reason.

The crew, which will include an experienced physio or medic, are there to help try and make the trip as stress free as possible but it’s obviously up to you to put in the hard miles, you should make sure you are as physically and mentally prepared as you can be for this trip and we will help you with this before we go, remember it is tough but also hugely rewarding. Have a look at this video of everyone finishing in 2013 to get an idea of what it is like to complete such an amazing challenge B2S Finish Video (coming soon).

Breakfasts will generally be served in the hotels before we leave each morning and we will stop for lunch at one of the many restaurants along the route. We hope to be finished mid to late afternoon each day when we will stop at hostels /small hotels. Everyone will be free to go off and explore wherever we end up each day and the evening meal will be your responsibility leaving you free to hang out as a group or have a bit of time to explore by yourself if you prefer.

You will need to bring your own bikes, and you will also be responsible for doing basic maintenance including fixing punctures on the road, the support crew will be able to help with this too but they may not always be at your side when it happens.

Please take some time now to explore the other pages for this trip and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.


Janice“As the eldest of the group (60′s), I had concerns about my ability, heat, pace and group dynamics but I needn’t have worried. We were a great team enjoying adventure, fun, enthusiasm and tremendous support, (Crispin and his team looked after our every need!) I absolutely loved it. Whilst not the most scenic, the route was flat, safe and varied.  I envy you, contemplating this, don’t hesitate, do it, I absolutely LOVED it.” Janice, Scotland






Josh“With the daily average around 140km over the course of 2 weeks the Bangkok to Singapore Cycle felt as close to a ‘Grand Tour’ experience as I could imagine. The challenge lived up to and surpassed all my expectations and was a great opportunity to meet a group of fantastic people with a shared passion for life and adventure. It says something that the whole experience continues to grow in my memory as one of the best things I have ever done.” Josh, Dubai





Jerry“14 days in the saddle, just shy of 2,000km with a great bunch of folk. All fully supported, so your only daily task was to pedal along and take in the amazing scenery. The guys at Kukri put together a great trip and to be honest when we arrived in Singapore all I wanted to do was fly back to the start and do it all over again!” Jerry, Dubai







Mark“I loved returning to South East Asia with the Kukri Events team. Having cycled Bangkok to Singapore as part of my circumnavigation, I remember this as one of the most welcoming and interesting stages. The most inspiring part of this event for me was seeing cyclists of all abilities going further than ever before. Because the roads are great and it’s not very hilly, this ride is within the capability of most cyclists – but don’t be unprepared, this is a tough challenge which takes real commitment.” Mark Beaumont



Tarica“So when I received the link about the cycle I thought what a lovely way to see South East Asia. When I told my friends about my ‘holiday’.. they laughed and said ‘that’s not a holiday’! But for me it was..I don’t want to just lie on the beach, I want something physical, to see the world and I also wanted a challenge so this ticked all the boxes for me.

I have to say the ride was harder than I ever expected, but then again I was not used to being in the saddle for so many hours a day… but I got used it. I was a novice cyclist, now I enjoy riding more. The trip was amazing for many reasons, I met so many great people who are now friends, getting lost and interacting with the locals was interesting and good fun because they were all so helpful and friendly (they thought we were crazy!)… but the sense of accomplishment at the end and the bond we had as a group was what made the trip. Would I do it again? Absolutely!!” Tarica, Australia




Sue“For me this was a once in a life time experience, I’m a girl that loves a challenge and wow! That’s what I got!

You will meet amazing people from all over the world – some very experienced cyclists and other like me who turned up having only done a few 50 mile bike rides. My advice with hindsight – do get the miles in before you go! I was very lucky because everyone was more than happy to give me tips along the way and I even got pushed up the hill a few times!

What was really special about the event though was fast or slow we were all a team. When we arrived at Singapore it was very emotional for me. What a feeling, we did it! …. Amazing!” Sue, Liverpool






“I was very keen to do the whole trip, but could only manage a week away from work. So when Crispin offered a one week option I jumped at the chance and am so glad I did.

The trip has given me so many memories and it was great to meet so many inspirational and adventurous people from around the world.

Each day you had the option of going hard or just cruising along chatting and admiring the scenery.

The support team were brilliant and organisation top notch, (my favourite was the second breakfast stop!).

I am so jealous of the riders who did the full two weeks, as they had double the fun and have double the memories.

If the event is run again, I will go back and complete the trip by doing the first week…actually thinking about it I’m pretty sure the memories of cruising past Raffles hotel and up to the Merlion for our Singapore slings will make me do the full two week trip!” Brian, Hong Kong


DSC_0060If you have read Mark Beaumont’s book “The Man Who Cycled the World” then this is your chance to experience Leg 3 with 3 differences:

• It is not a race

• You do not have to carry all your kit

• There is support.

Having said that, around 90 miles in the saddle each day is still a challenge. Navigation was no problem with the route clearly described by road numbers and distances. The support vehicle also gave assurance you were still on route and also supplied water top ups. Cycling allows you to interact with the sights and sounds, whilst still managing to cover the distances. The locals were very friendly and fascinated by our presence.

You do not have to be a super cyclist to undertake this trip, however the better your fitness and more time you are used to spending in the saddle, the more you are able to enjoy the environment through which you are passing. The first person to the top of the one big climb is greeted by silence. The “lantern rouge” gets the encouragement and congratulations of the entire trip. It is not a race.

Arriving at the Merlion in Singapore, you know you have accomplished something special.

Challenge yourself. You will be surprised what you can achieve. Martin, London