Below is a day by day itinerary to give you a good idea of our daily targets.

Each morning there will be a briefing on the route and we will let you know if there are any hazards as well as tell you exciting things to look out for. One support vehicle will trail the group in case of any issues and the other will push on ahead to prepare for the stops and provide water breaks. Depending on the group size there will also be one or more support riders who speak the local language riding with the group.

We will start each day as early as we can to take advantage of the cooler weather and rest in the hottest hours of the day, we hope to finish cycling each day at around 4pm leaving plenty of time for a swim or massage.

You can see on the adjacent map the route we are looking to follow, as far as possible we will be skirting around major cities like Kuala Lumpur for speed and safety reasons.

We will need to be hitting certain distance targets to make sure we stay on track so some days will inevitably end up being longer than others. We are aiming for approximately 85 miles a day and where possible you will cycle straight into the hotel.

It is important to remember that this is a tough challenge and it’s best to treat it as an expedition and not a ‘cycle tour’. That way when you face the unexpected or bizare you are not  surprised! For example we have picked the coolest time of the year to do the challenge it can still get very warm (we discovered this year that 7 Eleven has the best aircon!) and of course there are the usual hazards of busy roads, strange food, differnt cultures, the occasional car driving the wrong way down the dual carriage way and deep fried locusts in your Pad Thai noodles! We actually believe that it’s these things that make the trip so special because these are the things you remember forever.


Bangkok to Singapore Cycle MapTimeline

  • Fri 10th Jan
    Cyclists from the UK depart
  • Sat 11th Jan
    All cyclists meet at Bangkok International Airport, spend the day sorting out bikes and equipment ready for the start the next morning
  • Sun 12th Jan
    Start cycle. Pak Tho to Sam Roi Yot half the route is along the coastal highway and will take in beautiful views of the beaches.
  • Mon 13th Jan
    Approximately 80 miles to Ron Thong
  • Tues 14th Jan
    85 miles past Chumphon to Sawi
  • Wed 15th Jan
    84 miles to Surat Thani
  • Thurs 16th Jan
    80 miles with the last 40 along the beach road to Tha Sala where we will camp on the beach and have a BBQ
  • Fri 17th Jan
    A slower day covering 65 miles down to the lagoon at Phatthalung
  • Sat 18th Jan
    70 miles to Sado and our last night in Thailand!
  • Sun 19th Jan
    Only 25 miles today we cross over the border into Malaysia and head straight for the beach!
  • Mon 20th Jan
    Back to work today after a well-earned rest, 85 miles all along the beautiful coast line to Butterworth
  • Tues 21st Jan
    A big day 95 miles to Ipoh
  • Wed 22nd Jan
    87 miles to the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur
  • Thurs 23rd Jan
    Skirting around KL we make our way to Serembam, approximately 84 miles
  • Fri 24th Jan
    At just under 100 miles this is the biggest day of the trip but we will all be lean mean cycling machines by now, and it will also allow us an easy ride into Singapore that we can all enjoy.
  • Sat 25th Jan
    64 Miles into Singapore. Singapore Slings will be served in the harbour!
  • Watch the 2013 finishing video here
  • Sun 26th Jan
    Depart for home or take a well-earned holiday!
  • Depart for home or holiday


It is essential that everyone books a flight to arrive in no later than midday on Saturday 11th Jan 2014. This will give us enough time to prep the bikes and have a detailed briefing and Q&A session.

Flying into Bangkok and out of Singapore is easy because a number of airlines service these routes, this also means that there are some bargains to be had.

You should shop around for the best flight details online or you can use the travel agency we always use called Emerald Travel, they can generally get the best prices for you: Contact Ms Lee Choo Tee on 020 7312 1700 ext. 207 or email or via their website

On Sunday 26th January Singapore Airlines have 3 flights returning to the UK. Two of these flight, because of the time difference, get you in on the same day so you can be back at work on the Monday even if you may not want to be!