Bike & Kit

Which Bike?

Which Bike?

You will need to bring your own bike with you for this challenge. This has the added benefit that you will be used to the bike from training which should make life a lot easier on the road.

The roads are very good quality for most of the trip so a road bike is highly reccommended and was the preferred bike for the trip this year. If you already own a hybrid and want to bring it then that’s fine.

If you are looking for some advice on which bike to bring then here is some from Mark Beaumont himslef:

Mark’s Bike Advice:

“For a fully supported ride through SE Asia you need either a road bike or a hybrid. The roads are generally good quality so the most important part is to have a bike with 700mmm touring or road tyres. A mountain bike isn’t appropriate. If you aren’t used to a road bike with drop handlebars then you could fine this set up uncomfortable over these distances so opt for something sturdy but comfortable like a light tourer or audax.”

The make and type of bike you use is up to you but be sure that you know it well and get plenty of training miles under your belt before you fly out. You will need to bring spares (which can be stored on the support vehicle) for your bike, including, plenty of inner tubes and glueless patches. We would also reccommend a few spare spokes as well. There will be some spares on the support vehicle that you can buy (at local prices) should you run out as it seems that some people are plagued by punctures and others get away with it almost scot free!

Other Kit

You will be pleased to know that because this is a fully supported challenge you will not be carrying all your kit on your bike. This means you will be able to bring a few luxuries and just as important we will be able to go a bit quicker on the bikes!

….Having said that we do not have unlimited space in the support vehicle so everyone will be allowed to bring one soft sided hold-all or ruck sack (see example) which should be plenty. Remember you will also need to keep your weight limit down to avoid excess baggage charges from the airlines as most airlines include the weight of your bike in your baggage allowance.

Please also be aware that we can only allow soft bike bags (i.e. no bike boxes) this is because we need to transport them all the way to Singapore and the boxes take too much room. Cardboard boxes are fine but we will flatten them out and fold them for transport so you will need a big roll of gaffer tape at the other end to put it back together!

We highly recommend that each rider brings a GSP unit with them, they don’t need to be expensive or have maps on them but you will need to be able to upload our GPX route onto it. We will be supplying you with maps for navigation and briefing you each morning but we found that those with a GPS avoided a lot of standing in the heat at the side of the road and the extra miles of getting lost, which you really don’t need on a 90 mile day.

A detailed kit list will be sent out when you sign up but here are some of our recommendations:

  • Bike!
  • Helmet
  • Spares for bike
  • Puncture repair kit
  • Handlebar bag or similar to carry snacks
  • GPS unit (doesn’t need to be expensive here is an example)
  • Camelback or similar drinking system
  • Cycle sleeves to prevent sunburn (preferably white ones)
  • Waterproofs
  • High factor sun cream
  • Sunglasses
  • Clothes to wear in the evening
  • Personal medication
  • Wash kit
  • Travel towel / sarong
  • Camera

As part of your race entry fee you will be provided with two specialist cycling tops from Kukri. These are lightweight and have gripper seams, they also have three rear pockets and a zip pocket for valuables. There is a bright design on the back to make you more visible to traffic.

Kukri Cycling TopKukri Cycling Top