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The icy summit of Patagonia by Mark Beaumont

Mark Beaumont is a Brand Ambassador for Kukri and has helped launch the Kukri Adventure Scholarship, as well as being a part of the new Kukri Events team. Mark is an established BBC broadcaster and author and continues to push his boundaries with hugely challenging expeditions.

I am mid-Atlantic, once again, but this time on the 14-hour flight to Santiago, Chile to spend the next three weeks on the Northern-Ice field of Patagonia. Even for those who know almost nothing about expeditions and adventure, the name Patagonia sparks images of vast landscapes and a true wilderness. It is three years since I have been to South America. I can’t wait to be back. Continue reading

Introducing Bespoke Performance Lab

We’re delighted to team up with the Bespoke Performance Lab, a multi disciplinary performance centre that allows you as a recreational athlete to experience the resources and expertise that had previously only been available to professional athletes. Anyone who has joined any of Kukri Event’s tours is entitled to receive 15% off their first physiotherapy appointment, initial bike fit, full biomechanical analysis or metabolic test! Here’s a few words from Ferne at Bespoke Performance Lab, introducing some of the great services they offer.

“At Bespoke Performance Lab we take our exercise seriously, but we do make sure we enjoy every minute of it. With the right preparation there is no reason not to make all sporting pursuits, no matter how easy or difficult, a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Continue reading

How one small step can make a huge difference…

I would like to introduce Jenna Mosimann, the founder of Better-Being Fitness, who will be partnering with Kukri Events to help provide training tips for those of you taking part in our challenges, and Jenna will be giving a few insights via regular blogs here into fitness and well-being, that you will hopefully find useful. Jenna is proof of what we are preaching here at Kukri Events, she took a relatively small step by signing up to a challenge 9 years ago and it has ledt o a whole new career, lifestyle and even a family!

Jenna says, “I am really excited about working with Kukri Events. It is a great partnership, as Better-Being Fitness offers training, advice and education to help people to succeed in their own personal challenges, whether that is to improve their general well-being or to run an ultra-marathon. Continue reading